CAS blogging

Dear Students,

It is one month already that we have started new academic year. Many of you still haven’t updated your posts in blog. We, as your CAS advisors, are expecting at least two posts till the end of this week (10th October): one – about your current CAS school projects and activities, your goal in this project and which learning outcomes you want to cover, your first impressions and how the project is going. Second post about the CAS trip.

Use your CAS period during the advisor time. I will be checking all the blogs on the 10th of October. If any of you are still missing reflections that will go to Midsemester Report that your parents recieve by the end of the term.

Best regards,

Miss Raikhan

Time for reflection

As we are nearing the end of the first IBDP year, it’s time to look back and reflect in our progress.

  • How do we see our role as advisers? Are we being useful to our students? How?
  • How can we improve our effectiveness as advisers?
  • Are we providing the students with good, effective feedback on their reflections?
  • Are we guiding our students about how to reflect? How?
  • What changes will we apply in our practice for next year?

Let’s think on answers to these questions and we will share these answers.



Our first deadline

Dear CAS advisers,

I hope you are doing well with your lessons. By now we should have finished with the process of interviews, all the students should have their blogs, and they should already be reflecting. In turn, you should also have begun the process of providing feedback to each of their posts.

Our upcoming deadline, according to the CAS action plan is that students should submit their CAS plan for the year by the end of next week. This means that each of them (individually or in groups) should have submitted project plans… I hope we are all ready for it.

On the first week of October Maria Ines Piaggio will visit our school. She is our CAS external consultant. We will be able to meet with her and review the plans of the students, the quality of the student’s refelctions and the feedback we are providing them, so that she can coach us in how to improve what we are already doing.

Meaningful Reflections

When we reflect upon what we did on our day, what we learned an what we would like to change, we usually do it with our loved ones, our friends, even our pets! Some people reflect alone before they go to bed. Some people talk about them openly. Some people would like to reflect in a more private setting. But we all reflect.

For a reflection to be meaningful it should lead us to identify what we experienced, what we learned from it, what we would like to modify, or how can we make sure we remember.

The same is true for the reflections we want the students to do. We want them to become reflective.  We want  their reflection to modify their actions, feelings, and attitudes towards themselves, the others and the world. For this to be possible they need to go beyond answering  the typical “Did you like the activity?”.

One of the documents in the library provides you with guidelines for reflection, but you can expand beyond them.

This is the beginning of NISA CAS experience


Dear CAS team members,

Today we start the process of setting up the CAS experiences for our first group of IBDP students. This Blog will be the primary form of communication and reflection for students. You will be in charge of your own blog, and your own class.

On the CAS documents page you can find all the official documentation for you to do your role as advisor.