My friend’s wedding

Great weekend!!!

Hello everyone!

I want to share with you my first post and ask how did you spend your weekend?

My weekend was great! My friend Aktolkyn got married on the 7th of Sept, and I was her bridesmaid. I had a chance to share thisĀ  memorable day with her!

I was so glad to see how happy she is being together with her husband, and starting the first step in the mainful part of her life.

As usual, for the wedding party there were almost 200 people: relatives, friends, colleagues, etc. I always enjoy the part of the party where you play different games and join in different nations’ dances. In the end, I was given a very beautiful set of earings and ring (for being a bridesmaid, may be you know that is part of our tradition).

All in all, I am pretty excited to see the continuation of their path as this is only the beginning…


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