Missing your posts

my dear students i’ve visited all your pages, some of you are doing very nice, good feedback, nice comments, wonderful pictures)))

But some of you didn’t add anything new for almost a month((( why? didn’t you go to your projects? didn’t you find your personal projects useful or interesting?

I’m missing your posts, you know it is better for you to do them. You were practiced your time management skills, practice them with finding time for filling comments about projects.

Sure you will find time for this)))

waiting, hoping and looking for your brilliant ideas))

good luck with your studies


1st term

Hello my dear students firstly I want to congratulate you with the end of the 1st term. Now you know what does it mean to be a DP student, and Ithink that you all are doing it very well. It is difficult to cover all things at one moment, I know, but it helps you to organize yourselves, to be good at time management (I’m not(().

The next term, as you know, you should start your own projects. So I’d like to ask you during your holidays (very short unfortunately) to think over the starting point of it, I’m here for you, you are welcome to ask questions or to share ideas.

So enjoy your holidays, refresh your bodies and minds and be ready for new discoveries and good achievements.

good luck))

teacher’s day

I’d like to thank every student for the holiday they prepared for us, it was great, perfect everything: videos, lessons, teachers and tutors and the idea in general. I think all teachers can agree with me that we have very creative students, so I hope, no, I do believe that the creativity could help you with your projects.

Thank you one more time!!!


Just to share

the previous Saturday, may be know, we had a so called “subbotnik”.

I was very curious to see it for the first time, it is almost finished from the first view, but when you enter it you can see that there are still lots of work to do. And we did it. we tried to clean the classrooms, there were huge piles of dust and everything, but you know it was very funny and as it could be said by our grannies “working together leads to collaboration in the team“. We had an ex—Āursion in the building, it will a very light and nice school (no matter that we twice lost our ways here).

I’d like to share some pictures with you, You can find your beloved teachers there, happy and smiling

For my students

Hello, my dear students I’ve read your posts about your projects, some of you have very nice feed backs, full of emotions. But some posts need to be more “alive” share your ideas, thoughts, emotions, impressions with us. I hope that as soon as you see my post you will find time to sit and write your comments about the projects, this message is very urgent for some of you (I hope the VERY students guessed), because they don’t have anything in their blog(((

waiting for your posts


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