Our first deadline

Dear CAS advisers,

I hope you are doing well with your lessons. By now we should have finished with the process of interviews, all the students should have their blogs, and they should already be reflecting. In turn, you should also have begun the process of providing feedback to each of their posts.

Our upcoming deadline, according to the CAS action plan is that students should submit their CAS plan for the year by the end of next week. This means that each of them (individually or in groups) should have submitted project plans… I hope we are all ready for it.

On the first week of October Maria Ines Piaggio will visit our school. She is our CAS external consultant. We will be able to meet with her and review the plans of the students, the quality of the student’s refelctions and the feedback we are providing them, so that she can coach us in how to improve what we are already doing.

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