Meaningful Reflections

When we reflect upon what we did on our day, what we learned an what we would like to change, we usually do it with our loved ones, our friends, even our pets! Some people reflect alone before they go to bed. Some people talk about them openly. Some people would like to reflect in a more private setting. But we all reflect.

For a reflection to be meaningful it should lead us to identify what we experienced, what we learned from it, what we would like to modify, or how can we make sure we remember.

The same is true for the reflections we want the students to do. We want them to become reflective.  We want  their reflection to modify their actions, feelings, and attitudes towards themselves, the others and the world. For this to be possible they need to go beyond answering  the typical “Did you like the activity?”.

One of the documents in the library provides you with guidelines for reflection, but you can expand beyond them.

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