The Creativity in CAS may include visual and performing arts, photography, writing, film, culinary arts and handcrafts. You are encouraged to engage in creative activities such as music, painting or acting, you may choose either to take up a new activity or extend their involvement and deepen their skill level in previously taken activities. We also encourage you to have products of your work.

The examples of CAS Creativity can be various, the photography may lead to your own personal exhibition that has its own aim, for example to raise the awareness of school community on a social issue in Astana. In case you decide to learn a new language, we would like you to learn the culture of the target country, too. Learn the cuisine and produce podcasts or videos on different topics. A  musician may compose and perform a guitar solo; an actor may present an original dramatic piece. The compositions can be as well shared through a presentation, an exhibition, social media or shared discussion.

We recommend that before joining any Creativity Activities, you set up your own personal goal that also meets the CAS guidelines.


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