Your final interview

Hello, kiddos.

Please, have a look at the presentation I am attaching here.


  1. You will fill in these slides with direct links to your blogs, excerpts from your blogs and evidence and your words.
  2. You will find yourself repeating or re-using some of your blogs or evidence, which is OKAY. LOs might overlap.
  3. Fill in the blogs асықпай methodically, and prepare to talk for 10 – 15 minutes followed by advisor’s questions.
  4. Bring your laptop with you open and ready to the interview.
  5. Agree with your advisors when you can come and give your itnerview. You have time to finish interview until mock exams and two weeks after Mocks finish.
  6. Open the slides and read till the end, I am sure you will love it 😉
  7. The slides are your checklist

CLIKC HERE FOR PRESENTATION:  My final CAS interview-2dzecog

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