Your task for next 2 weeks

Dear all, read this attentively till the end. Somebody is tired from repeating things endlessly to you.

this is me with some of you

First, let me congratulate you on finishing the second interviews with us. I hope it gave you a nice chance to reflect on your progress in CAS so far and actually gave you a kick you needed to restore your evidence and bring some order into your portfolio.

Rounding up your interview and knowing now that you actually have 4 months left till the end of CAS, reflecting on what learning outcomes you have or haven’t developed to a satisfactory extent, now you are supposed to update your plan for CAS for the last time.

In your planning page, we would like you to

  • indicate the date of plan update as usual
  • write up your plan for Creativity, Activity and Service till the end of January
  • write up what the content of your reflections and evidence will be (my evidence will be…, my reflections lack ethical considerations…)

To be honest, I grew a little (not) tired telling you, sending emails and writing posts of what to do, so this post has no space for joke.

Your full, completed plan is due next Thursday, October 19th. If your plan is not okay, we are not on talking terms anymore. As I told some of you before, it is no job to deprive you from the platform to store your CAS, do not let me test it.

I think you understand me.

Also, other things that should already be on your portfolio:

  • Summer CAS reflection
  • CAS trip reflection
  • Teacher’s day reflection or September reflection

also me, knowing this post will not change a thing

For those of you who come for memes, it’s my first time posting not my memes, all taken from Human of Tumblr, Facebook

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  1. Guess at |

    I wonder why the comments section is not cancer.
    Thank you, this post made me write the teacher’s day reflection at least. So, it will not ‘not change a thing’. It will be kept forever in our hearts.

    1. Temerity at |

      Yep, Alish. me too:)


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