CAS agenda for September

Hello, DPY2. First of all, this

One more time someone comes and asks me what the 2nd interview is I will check if my heavy phone case can kill people. Click to read about interview.

Second, CAS gallery – important. To you and to me and yes everyone takes part and we will find a way to fit all 115 of you and your projects. You have dates in your DP calendar.

Third, this month due posts: CAS Trip 1 and 2, summer reflections. Also due – summer CAS evidence and all of your evidence in general.

Fourth, do you want to start an extracurricular club? Or do you want to be in charge of last year projects? See me at 16:00 today near 307.

Congratulations on making it to the second year! We’re still alive – so let’s finish with it with decency!


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    omg. I never paid attention to the picture
    SO. TRUE.


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