Second interview Instructions and timetable

WHY 2ND INTERVIEW? The second interview will help us, teachers diagnose your progress in CAS and help you identify how balanced your CAS work is and what steps you should take next. It also helps me to identify the students in the risk group.

WHAT FOLLOWS AFTER 2ND INTERVIEW? During the mid-semester break your parents and you will receive a feedback on what aspects you should work on.

WHAT WILL BE THE PRODUCT OF 2ND INTERVIEW FOR ME? While giving interview, a smart student reflects on his work internally as well and accordingly plans his/her next steps. Mid-September – October will be the deadline for your final CAS personal plan.

HOW DOES THE 2ND INTERVIEW GO? You receive a timetable of the interviews, we fit 3  interviews in one hour. You will meet your interviewer and use the first 5 minutes to tell your CAS summary. Then it will be followed by questions from the interviewer. The interview is recorded by the interviewer. See the attached outline for 5-minute presentation

WHAT SHOULD BE BROUGHT READY TO THE INTERVIEW? You certainly need to know what you will say in given 5 minutes. Also, see the attached checklist to be ready. The items in the checklist should be on your CAS portfolio (nisablogs) so that teacher has it open when you arrive. If some of the items are not in place, you will receive a red flag and checked again later. If interviewer decides you have very little of what you are asked, she might decide to cancel the interview. If that happens, it becomes your responsibility to agree on the next time for the interview.

IS SUMMER CAS PART OF THE SECOND INTERVIEW? Yes, it is. However, if you didn’t have time to extensively reflect and write a reflection on your summer it is not bad. You will have time to do so this month. But evidence should already be in place.

IS CAS TRIP PART OF THE SECOND INTERVIEW? The same as with summer CAS. Yes, it is. However, if you didn’t have time to extensively reflect and write a reflection on two CAS trips it is not the end of the world. You will have time to do so this month. Evidence can wait, too.

HOW ABOUT WIKIS? We have been delaying saving up your wikis, but I promise to fix it in the next 7 days, so it is not compulsory. But the more it is filled in, the better.

SHOULD I BE SCARED OF THE 2ND INTERVIEW? Absolutely not if you have been recording your last CAS year and storing enough evidence for 2016 – 2017 and summer of 2017. If not, ….

WHY SHOULD I PREPARE WELL FOR THIS INTERVIEW IF IT IS NOT GRADED? Once we evaluate your work, I will either allow you to slow down your CAS and you can cover the rest doing the minimum or I will watch closer and check every single thing you do until March 2018. You decide if you want CAS be nice during other assessments or be a headache.

HOW TO LOOK AT CAS INTERVIEW TIMETABLE? If it says CR, it will be your advisor taking interview during CAS reflection hour, if it is your study time, then it is me – your interviewer. If your name is in yellow, you have no fixed time since it is hard to put you in somewhere, which means you will have another timetable later. Wait for updates

Outline for your 5 minute presentation-1ayqksl


2nd interview timetable-22n8xpo

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