Questions to deepen your reflections of different types


so next two weeks I would like you to go over your reflections (yes, all of them), read comments from advisors (us, teachers) and reply to them. Also, we are leaving here questions for different kinds of CAS experience to deepen your reflections. What you need to do is to read them, and if you see a question you haven’t answered in your reflection, just go back to that reflection and leave a comment.

Remember: watch out slow internet, because typed but unpublished comments do not get saved anywhere.

Reflection questions on planning (obligatory to be finished this week and should be left on your planning page) :

  1. To what extent have you accomplished your plans?
  2. What changes have you made to your plan along the way? Why?
  3. What aspect of your plan turned out less challenging? Or more?
  4. Which of your accomplishment of your plan are you most proud of?
  5. Would you like to introduce new changes to your plan? Untill mid June (end of school)? Please, leave your new changes you’d like to introduce in a new comment


Reflection questions on your regular projects (Creativity, Activity, Service, can include your PhE):

  1. Did your projects turn out as you imagined?
  2. How does your feeling about the project change the more you get involved? Does it get any different? The same?
  3. What changes have you noticed in your skills?
  4. What new understanding/insights have you gained about others/friends/school/other organization/social issues?
  5. Have you faced any dilemmas?
  6. What decisions were in charge of taking?
  7. Does the project make you proud/sad/glad/excited/intimidated?


Reflection on a CAS project (that has several stages, is at least a month long and is done in groups):

  1. How happy are you about your project in general?
  2. Were you satisfied with your work? Could you have done better? Did you do much better than you thought?
  3. Were there any unexpected or expected difficulties/ challenges? How did you overcome them?
  4. What new knowledge do you have about your school/other organizations that you had to work with? How about students you had to collaborate with?
  5. What do you think about your audience?
  6. Have you planned the ‘end’ of your project? What happened after you finished your project?
  7. Would you like to repeat it?


Reflection on your month in CAS:

  1. How much progress have you made this month?
  2. How balanced is your month?
  3. Did you see any improvements in sports? Creative projects? Service?
  4. Who would be your person of the month (it could be you)? Why?
  5. What would be the challenge of the month?
  6. How did you get involved in solving global problems locally?
  7. Have you faced any ethical issues?
  8. If to rank all of your months in CAS (from October up till now) how would you rank your month?

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