The age of consent

Part 1: – this is the link to our first documentary episode.

Pay attention: this movie contains real confrontations in real life and has censored vocabulary. I, personally, am sorry you have to hear it, but I firmly believe in my ultimate goals of raising your awareness of issues of global significance.

Important terms: 

Consent – agreement to a certain action

Sexual predator – a man or a woman, who intends to use others for sexual purposes against the victim’s will

These comprehension questions will help you understand the main points in the movie:

What do these two men do, Justin and Gerry?

What is the reason that sometimes holds Justin back?

What does the doctor say about pedophilia?

How do law representatives react?

What does Gerry’s wife worry about?

What does he think predators are robbing the children of?

What does Justin NOT want when confronting sexual predators?

What happened to Justin when he was a child?

Why does Justin have to move?

What did Justin accidentally do and what crime did it reveal?

How does the doctor would improve Justin’s actions?

Disclaimer: BY NO MEANS, these educational series mean to call you for real actions that can be dangerous for you. DO NOT put yourself in danger.

Part 2: Food for thoughts:

How ethical are Justin and Gerry in their actions?

How ethical is police’s reaction to it?

How ethical is our action on showing you this episode?

What issues of global significance does this episode connect to? How many can you find?

How real is this problem in Kazakhstan? Are we wasting time watching these movies?

How would you contribute to making the situation a little better?



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