The project in groups of 3 – 5

Another important moment from the last meeting is that I announced open the season of projects of 3 – 5 people.

The projects

  • last more than a month. Countdown starts from the time you start generating the idea in the group;
  • should demand intensive group work
  • should make you make decisions
  • should make you solve problems as they appear.

Usually the projects are school wide. But some of you has done it already in the first semester by

  1. opening new extracurricular clubs of interest
  2. holding a big event like Halloween or Winter Ball

What to do if you want to start a project?

  1. Find a group of people, the less you know the people, the better. Get out of your comfort zone.
  2. Brainstorm ideas. You can use Reflection time for that.
  3. Fill in the proposal on CAS’18 page.
  4. It’s better I have your dates earlier, because I will create the calendar of events
  5. You set the deadline for this

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  1. zhumavenera at |

    Summer plan:
    June 19-28:
    Activity/ I’ll run around in the mornings and ride a bike in the evenings.
    Cretivity and service/ Uralsk’ orphanage many children. So I want to ask permission from administrations to work with them. There is a possibility that the administration will not allow it. If there is such a situation, then I will try to work as a coach in the camp.
    From June 28 to July 9: I will in Europe whith my family. So in this period of time I will can just run around.
    July 10-23: I’m going on a cycling trip. I will drive about 300 km. Every year I went to the role of a student, but this summer I will go as a coach’s assistant. I will help the students, teach the newcomers nodes, direct and motivate, train the assembly of tents and more. I do not know what it is that Creativity, Activity or Service? I think it is all of them.
    From july 23 to August 13: I will go to the Europe to study and develope my English.
    After August 13 I will prepare to school. I will write IAs, EE etc.


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