New Year, New you – few tasks for coming Wednesdays

Hello. General follow-up of our last meeting. Recall what has been told to you about

  1. Your PhE next year.
  2. Your summer time
  3. Projects you have to do for at least a month in groups of 3-5 students.

Bear in mind that we do not say forget Activity now, do it next year or forget Creativity OR Service, you can do it in summer. We are saying DECIDE which of the 3 components of CAS you are going to emphasize this semester.

After you recall, I’d like you to make your Year Resolutions (in other words, your further plan). How to plan?

Task 1. In a new reflection (okay, I will count it for January) take your time and reflect on your initial plans and to what extent you have reached them.

Task 2: Go to your planning page and do the actual planning.

  • DO NOT delete any of your previous plans. Just scroll down and put today’s date and continue. Like in the photo


  • Already have everything planned till the end of the year? Great! Copy paste it under current date AND cross or tick the ones you already reached
  • Remember that your New year resolutions should not die out in two weeks, because AIN’T NOBODY RAISED TO BE A FAILURE!


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  1. 0zyman23 at |

    Соңғы меміңіз баян екен.

  2. 0zyman23 at |

    You know, now that I look at it, CAS planning and reflection and evidence gathering sounds like a lot of fun. If only I could realise this a year ago..)


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