What is CAS?

Personally few years back when we’ve just started outlining CAS, I kept asking what CAS was all about. People kept telling me ‘it’s learning out of classroom’ and I kept saying ‘Duh, I know! But what is it actually?!. So, if you, our guest, is also confused thinking what this thing is then this blog is just right out here for you:

1. It is learning. Not the academia, but whole other useful stuff. You learn to plan, you learn playing instrument or drawing. You learn to play volleyball better. Most of you learn to be aware of what you’ve learnt and make an outline of what you are going to learn. Oh, this also includes learning to be afraid and still trying to get out of your comfort zone…

2. If you are seeking for analogies to CAS, you could have thought of the extracurricular work  you get involved in at school, but don’t let it mislead you. In CAS you don’t have to be perfect to perform on stage. You don’t have to have zero skills to take up something. It is all about progress. You could take up dombyra even though you have been playing it for a year as long as you are not merely playing what you know, but adding up new compositions to your list or learning different technique. You can perform on stage if you want to overcome your fear of public. Remember, we like when you make progress, not when you come to show off what you are best at.

3. Among many other things, this is the moments that can help you understand TOK better. And TOK helps you to understand CAS better. It just does. I don’t know how that magic works.

4. We have learning outcomes we want you to develop in you. But they are not horribly hard. You all reach them, simply at your own pace and level.

5. CAS is fun and helps you to become a better person. You can argue forever on if you ever need to be better, or criticize if it is helping in anyway. Keep going, one day the realization of it will come to you and we will be there to help you realize it. As for if you need to be a better person or not, ask Aristotle – I am told he gives you such a good argumenting about it, that all you do with it – is accept it.

6. CAS is important. It impacts your diploma. Recording and reporting your CAS is important, too.

7. CAS is thoughtful. Should you have any questions or this blog confuse you more – come and ask us questions. We love questions! 🙂

and remember:

“If I am not for myself who is for me? And being for my own self, what am ‘I’? And if not now, when?” – Hillel The Elder.

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