Activity in CAS focuses on students’ physical well being. It promotes the acquisition not only of sports, but also of healthy habits that you can take onto your life. You can both start or extend  your participation in certain sport activities, whatever makes you move and stay physically active. You may pursuit wide range of activities, team sports, aerobic exercise, dance, outdoor recreation, fitness training, yoga and any other form of physical exertion that contributes to a healthy lifestyle.

When planning for Activity, you can also try to improve your sleep, nutrition and literally plan to get sweaty. You also can expand your personal goals – take up a new thing or enhance your skills in sports you are taking. Have you ever, at least once, thought of trying to take sports to get some action or sweat it at a gym, when under pile of the schoolwork, ? Have you ever wanted to run a marathon? Have you ever thought of going on hiking? Have you ever excused yourself from doing them, because the timing was never appropriate? Or did not know where to start? The greatest part of CAS Activity is that the program requires you not to find time, but make time in your timetable to stay healthy. Remember that CAS promotes your well being when planning for CAS Activity. Our school require students to participate in a physical education course. Participation in such courses will be considered activity if commitment is shown.

All CAS students must satisfy the basic requirement of physical exertion contributing to a healthy lifestyle as is appropriate for each student.


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