Hey yo, what’s up

Okay, so since I asked you to write about you, I guess it is fair I write about me, too.

So, I am an average grown up, who dreamt of living like a hermit without needs to have to balance with others, but to get that I still have to work 8 hours a day (officially) and conform with the System (read 1984 or One Flew Over Cuckoo’s Nest).

Sports. At school sports were meaningless 45 minutes PhE classes where we had soccer, volleyball or basketball ball thrown at us with a simple instruction ‘play’. I hated it. This is exactly why I love sports now and Activity component in CAS. If you are sweating in PhE classes and outside – good job. If you are not, I am not gonna like you. And you are not gonna like how I am not gonna like it.

My only sports now is scaring people with CAS and above all I practice evil laugh.

Creativity and Service. Some of you know, I have volunteered at a local NGO for protecting disabled citizens of Aktobe. Best 5 years of my life. I home visited Yan, organized HIV/AIDS seminars at universities, did nightouts in Aktobe for fundraising purposes at night clubs (you are not allowed to do so). And I love drawing. I am so bad at it that I either draw bodyless heads or beheaded bodies. I’d like to learn to draw bodies in different motion and all levels of shadows, but I guess it is only coming.

What scares me are tiny insects, furry spiders, moving worms and caterpillars. And darkness. What scares me more are insects I can’t see in the darkness.

My hands down favorite thing to not believe is how students say ‘I am a good team player, because we divide our jobs and do them on our own’. I demand that for LO on collaboration you should disagree-argue-fight-admit that you were equally wrong-talk back-finish-cry that group work is finished.

Another thing I know is true is that however loud you say you hate this school and stuff, you still like it (because come on 5 years of complaining) and secretly want that IB diploma. So, man up, stop feeling pity for yourself and get your DP done. I accept no excuses in CAS.