Welcome to CAS

Hello my dear students!

My name is Oryntai Tanatovna. I am a biology teacher. I have been working at NIS for 3 years. I like to work in this place because people here are respectful, helpful and kind.

I would like to tell you a little about my hobbies.  One of my hobby is yoga. It helps me relief stress and keep in balance my physical and physological health. I have been practicing it about 6 month. At the beginning it was difficult to find time for regular training, but now it is like my habbit and i feel my progress. Now I would like to learn new skills in yoga.  In free time I like to watch comedy programmes, national geographic and listen relaxation music.

Besides, I am very curious, so I always try to know something new and I think that we all will learn new things and develop new skills with CAS. I hope you will enjoy CAS)))))