Welcome to CAS!

Hello, my dear students!

My name is Lyailya Kairatkyzy. I`m a biology teacher.

I want to tell you about my hobbies. First of all i`m really carry about my helth and well being that`s why i always try to visit gym twice a week. This is helps me to relax at the end of work day. And i`m become very sad when some situations are disturb me and i wont be able to visit the gym. Also i`m interested in the doing make-up. I was srudy professional make-up course and try use this knowledge in my life. And ofcouse the main component of our life it is food))) I love process of cooking something delicious for my closes. The best dishes that i can cook it`s italian food and cakes.

This is my firts experiense in CAS! I hope CAS will help me and you to discover new possibilities to learn the world and to develop our skills!