June 16

Hello guys,

Welcome to my page, I am very glad to meet you and to be your CAS adviser

This is my first year of being CAS adviser and this is your first year of DP. So I can understand your worries … new programme, lot’s of information, plenty of questions…  I do have them also… But… All of us in the constant process of learning and I consider CAS as a good challenge to learn more about yourself and push yourself to do things you always wanted to do but it never happened. CAS for me is more personal rather than professional. I strongly believe that collaborating with each other we will be able to expand the opportunities and to improve the quality of our lifes.

I am 28 and I don’t have hobbies. I like music and dancing. I like doing sports and being active. I like reading books, especially psychology and philosophy. I love yoga. No. I extremely love yoga… but… I don’t it, I don’t do it consistently. I want yoga to be part of my life. May be it is the right time to work on that?

CAS inspires… doesn’t it?

Goog luck to all of us!

Miss Elina