Greenhouse in the school

Hello everyone!

If you still didn’t find anything to do for your Service strand there is another idea for you. Science department has a long-term project about soil performance (something like this, I lack knowledge in biology). You can help them by assisting in building a greengouse in school’s basement during the break. This project will be really useful for you in terms of Service and LOs.

If you are interested, please contact Miss Makpal (

Best regards!


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New Idea for CAS

Dear students,

If you still didn’t find anything that would interest you for your CAS Projects/Experiences, here is another idea. We thought about optimizing the watering process in the school’s greenhouse. There is an idea of creating watering system using plastic bottles. We are not limitting you with approaches towards that, so you can cover Creativity strand in addition to Service.

If you are interested, feel free to contact me via

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Less Plastic


If you are still struggling with using less plastic in your daily life and have been looking for some ways to reduce it, check out the site which gives some advise and very useful recommendations on how  individuals can make a difference:

The Power of Individual Action

Be the one who cares and spread the information among your community 😉


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CAS trip May, 2016

In May of 2016 our second group of CAS students went to annual CAS trip. We chose the highly visited, touristic place Burabay as our location. In 3 days students not only worked as a big team doing sports, creating kites, but also cleaning the touristic area untying tree branches, cleaning rocks from graffiti and general cleaning of the beachers.

Have a glance!


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What is CAS?

Personally few years back when we’ve just started outlining CAS, I kept asking what CAS was all about. People kept telling me ‘it’s learning out of classroom’ and I kept saying ‘Duh, I know! But what is it actually?!. So, if you, our guest, is also confused thinking what this thing is then this blog is just right out here for you:

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